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5th floor office, room B501a
Tel: +358 2941 25269

1st floor office, room B117a
Tel: +358 2941 25271

Biomedicum Helsinki
PO Box 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki


    • The online reservation system, "OCF Scheduler", is used for all BIU equipment
    • Before you start using Scheduler, read the instructions for new user registration and making reservations on this page
    • Please inform us if you encounter any problems with the system


Please bookmark the current page instead of direct address (news and notes concerning the reservation system will be added to this page only). The address of the reservation system is:


New user registration

To gain access to the computers on the instruments you have reserved, you must have a HYAD-username and AD -permissions. For instructions go to Fees and user policy page.

When you enter the New User Registration page, you should fill in all fields (except for alternate email) according to these instructions:

  • Your username and password are only for the Scheduler system, they are not the same as your university network account
  • Phone: the number should be 10 digits (add zeros before the number)
  • State: write AA
  • Department: research program or department. If you cannot find it on the list, choose Other...Unlisted
  • PI:  Principal investigator or supervisor (= who pays the bill). If you cannot find the correct name in the list, choose Other...Unlisted
  • Account: write 500001 (the account number will be changed by administrator according to PI)
  • Press Submit.
  • Please note - do not select any of the pull down menus beneath the new registration form (:resource, :month, :week, year) during the form registration process.

If you selected "Other...Unlisted" for department or for principal investigator, you can now write the name(s). if you are going to work using funding from several sources check that these have PIs and accounts. You can choose which to use when reserving time.

Follow the instructions given below (Making reservations). After that, you need to press "Send Access Request" -button. You will receive an e-mail when your request has been processed. This may take some time, so make your first reservation well in advance.

If you do not receive the e-mail, or you need the reservation in a hurry, please contact BIU personnel directly.

All other instruments except the Imaging Workstations have a mandatory training session. Ask the BIU staff for a time for the training session. After the training, you will be added as a user for that instrument and can start reserving time on it.

To enter the New User Registration page, go to:

Making reservations

Find the instrument in the list of available instruments.

When making a reservation, the following information must be given:

  • Event description: Confocals: laser lines you will use; Imaging Workstations: software you will use; all instruments: a short description of the proposed work
  • Time: start time of your session; (12-hour clock is being used: 12pm is noon [1200] and 12am is midnight [0000])
  • Duration: duration of your session (minimum time slot is 30 min)
  • Service: internal or external user (look at Fees for details), prices are in euros even though there is a dollar symbol
  • Account: choose the account that will be paying for this session


  • Session requests: text written in the box will be emailed to admin
  • Send confirmation email: if chosen, details of the reservation will be emailed to you
  • Send reminder: if chosen, a reminder email will be emailed to you

Reservations can be made 14 days in advance, except for confocals and CellInsight (21 days in advance).

For confocals and CellInsight, cancellation deadline is 2 hours prior to reserved time. If you need to cancel your reservation for the other microscopes, please do so as early as possible. If you are already past the 2 hour limit and need to cancel a session, please contact the BIU staff. Likewise contact us directly also for other requests (either directly via the contact information on the home pages or via biu-support at helsinki dot fi). The scheduler does contain automated systems for e-mailing the administrator but these do not always work in a reliable manner.  

Extending session

If you need more time than you reserved, do not use the "Extend session" button. Create a new session instead. Of course this is possible only if there is a free time slot after your reservation.

The Scheduler software has a way of automatically notifying users when free times come available.
It can be used to generally notify on any free times available on an instrument by clicking on "Notify me when times become available" on the instrument's calendar page and then clicking "Add  Me" on the pop-up notifications window. The notifications will be sent on the user's
default email address, which is shown on the notifications window. To end notifications, click on the "Notify me when times become available" and then "Remove Me" on the notifications window.
It can also be used to notify if a particular reservation is cancelled or ends prematurely. To use this function, reserve the time that you want to use on the schedule. If someone else has already reserved it, you will be given a chance to be notified if it becomes free. Click on
"Notify me if this time becomes available" and then click "Add  Me" on the pop-up notifications window.

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